Sunday, 8 July 2012

DIY: Dip-Dye Shorts

This DIY tutorial will show you how to make some gorgeous dip dye shorts for summer!

You will need:
-simple toilet bleach
-scissors (if making from jeans)

I chose to make my shorts dark blue and have the dip-dye as a lighter blue / white colour, as this only requires bleach rather than colour dye which I didn't have in the house.

If making from shorts, skip to step 3.

1) Cut your jeans to your desired length. Make sure both legs are of equal length! 
I cut mine not too short first so I could try them on and see how much shorter I wanted them! The worst thing is to cut them too short before you've managed to make any use of them!

2) I wanted to create a frayed look on my shorts, so to do this I pulled out any loose threads in the denim.


3) Mix the bleach and water in a bucket, and depending on how strong you want the dip dye to be, dilute with water (tap water is fine)! I roughly did half water to half bleach, filling the bucket up only a few inches as it was all my shorts needed to reach.
Avoid coming in contact with the bleach, and use gloves!

4) Place your ruler through the belt loops of the shorts, and balance the ruler on two sides of the bucket. Allow your shorts to reach enough of your solution as you would like.

5) Leave for an hour or two, depending on how much you want your colour change to be. I ended up leaving mine for the whole day as I went out, which allowed the shorts to be really bleached!

Checking them throughout the day

6) Rinse shorts thoroughly and leave to dry!

Caution: I recommend washing the shorts alone on the first time! Be very careful when using the bleach and avoid getting it on the clothes your wearing at the time!

Will be posting an outfit with my new shorts soon so keep checking for more!


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Eleanor Bolton Jewellery

I was fascinated to see some of Eleanor Bolton's jewellery pieces when I was introduced to her on Saturday at my aunt & uncle's lovely wedding. Eleanor creates her jewellery by coiling and stitching cotton rope, which I think is very interesting how she can manipulate the cotton rope into such beautiful jewellery. 

Some of Eleanor's beautiful necklaces and bracelets!
Image taken from 'Eleanor Bolton Jewellery' Facebook page. 

My favourite from the above would be the red and natural cotton colour necklace (5th piece. 2nd row), however I adore all of them with the different colours and different shapes by the different manipulations of the cotton!

Centrefold Issue 6 | September 2010 
Image taken from 'Eleanor Bolton Jewellery' Facebook page.
I adore this necklace worn by the model in the Centrefold issue, it almost becomes more than a necklace and looks like a twisted scarf, which gives the outfit so much more character and style.

Screen grab taken from
'The Paris Fashion Week as seen by Sara Maino'

I really like this blue and white necklace and its matching bangle. I like the contrast of colours together and its simplicity, yet the chunkiness of the pieces would create a very striking outfit. They would be perfect with this striped tunic from Topshop- would have been perfect for the jubilee weekend!

Screen grab taken from
Striped Tunic, £16

-belleza x 


Friday, 20 April 2012

Outfit Customization!

I always love altering and accessorizing outfits to change clothes into a new look and style! I decided to wear a vintage style brown dress from H&M but as a skirt, by wearing it under a jumper and adding a simple brown belt, and of course a few accessories! This is the original dress...

My altered outfit... 

I wore a cream jumper from H&M, with the dress collar showing, and a brown belt from New Look (it was only 50p- bargain!) where the dress and jumper met. 

I accesorized my outfit with a patterned bangle, (Accessorize), a flower ring, and my tan brogues (Primark)!

There are so many easy ways to alter your clothing, this dress could become a sleeveless top, by either tucking into a black bodycon skirt or some denim shorts! Or dress it up or dress it down for day and night, by matching it with some dangly earrings and heels, or for casual day wear- some simple gladiator sandals and a denim jacket! The possibilities are endless!

-belleza x


Friday, 13 April 2012

A Trip to Tenerife

I recently visited Tenerife with my family and we stayed in el Medano to do some water sports like wind surfing and kite surfing. I fell in love with the small town and loved the different styles, it was all very casual but everyone managed to still look effortlessly cool! I wanted to share some jewelry ideas I love and was inspired by from Tenerife!

 I loved these pretty lanterns that where hung on our balcony! They were so simple yet they looked gorgeous and very stylish.

The beaches were really pretty in the evenings!


I found these three items in Urban Outfitters and thought they would look great together on the beach in el Medano or simply just in the park with friends. 

Ready For The Sun...

I recently bought some brown soft high waisted shorts from H&M for £14.99, and I was keen to wear them out! This was one of H&M's example looks on the website:
Image taken from 

I chose to wear my shorts with a sleeveless creme coloured patterned top, also from H&M, for £7.99. Here's a few photos of me (Tallulah) in my outfit:

Okay, maybe more than a few...!

My outfit was accesorized with tan brogues from Primark, a [fake] Louis Vuitton bag from Camden Market, (which Katherine gave to me), some dangly pearl earrings from Accessorize, and brown sunglasses which I can't remember were from. I can't wait to wear these shorts alot more, they are soft and suitable for the sunny weather!

Thanks to my brother for taking these photos for me!

-belleza x

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Black & White

I picked up April 2012's issue of Velvet Magazine whilst shopping, and found a spread on Black & White clothing. I love the contrast of the colours and the image of all the monochrome clothing pieces together. Black & white is easy to wear, whether as a casual day outfit or to a more formal event.

I love these Aztec Printed Jeans from the Moto range at Topshop, which fit in well with the monochrome scheme!

MOTO Aztec Printed Leigh Jeans, Topshop, £40
Image taken from

Topshop also have the same aztec pattern but in the form of shorts which is ideal for Summer:

MOTO Aztec Hotpants, Topshop, £32
Image taken from 

I'd wear the jeans or shorts with a simple white baggy top tucked in, like this one for just £4.99 from H&M:

Top, H&M, £4.99
Image taken from

What do you think about the black & white style along with the aztec prints? 

-belleza x


Saturday, 7 April 2012

Nail Art

I really love the different types of nail art at the moment! After my friend bought a White Nail Art Pen from Primark for just £1.50, which proved to work really well, I decided to buy one for myself.

Firstly, I applied an All in One Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener by Barry M. Then I applied my chosen colour, which was Shade 4 in the MUA range.

Now it was time to start designing! I found it quite hard, especially when doing it on my left hand! Here are some of the designs I came up with:

My favourite design was probably the simple spots, which were the easiest to do! Once dry, I applied a topcoat. There are so many different designs to experiment with to express your personality. Here are some really cool designs I found:


Converse Nails :)
Image taken from

Galaxy Nails :)
Image taken from

-belleza x